Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Artist Statement

Stephanie Brandt
Artist Statement

Life is stressful, life is painful, life is exciting; as a 26 year old female with anxiety disorder and an unfortunate past, I have chosen to let my pain go and live life to the fullest, but now with a photographic interest that is redirecting my stress and energy toward those whom are unfortunately no longer living their lives.

As a photographer I am recreating an enthralling space that borders the same level of anxiety and stress that other aspects of life can bring, but toned down to a black and white subject matter than isn’t so personal to me. For some these places and experiences are very real and personal. For me, it is an interest in exploring the lives of those less fortunate than myself, because I am still alive and I still have time.

The past can be a dark and very scary place; discovering those who lost their lives and might still be walking among us, somehow makes my life seem mundane; how can I be stressed about the little to severe? When there are spirits of those that have passed, co-existing with the undead, sharing stories that triumph any other.

I use the spaces as a therapeutic environment, capturing current photos of popularly discussed haunted places, retelling the story as a photographic space to enter, a story that so many people share.  Let go of one’s own life and experience the pain and never dying journey of someone else’s.

Looking at the photographs, I draw myself into the space, the haunted, the eerie, the unknown….anything to escape my own world and remind myself that I still have time here, time to help others, time to be happy, time to share experiences like no other through the eye of a lens.

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